Correction: Frozen dinners taste like loneliness and despair

I don’t know how I ate so many frozen dinners in my past life, but unless you’re going to spend $5 on one, don’t bother. (And if you do, it’ll probably be okay but not for your whole life.) The person who lost weight on frozen dinners was 30s me, when I was younger and half-full of patience for bullshit, though that seems to have been a non-renewable resource that I exhausted. Enter middle-aged me, with my ever-growing pile of Fuck That Shit.

So, okay, that didn’t work. I was hungry a lot and not at all satisfied by the food I was eating. Maybe I should re-name this blog Goldilocks and the Three Hundred Diets. Will I ever find an approach to food that is Just Right for me?

Last night I chopped and grilled or roasted a lot of veggies. They ended up tasting like veggie-candy. I also grilled chicken breasts. It’s worth it to read up on how to do this properly, which I finally did and the results were amazing. It involves flattening them and soaking them in a salt-and-sugar solution for half an hour first. Sorry, chickens, I KNOW it’s gross to eat you. Really gross. But I’m going to do it for a while. Sorrysorrysorry. You are delicious. Sorry.

I put my scale in the closet this morning. I just can’t look at it every time I enter my bathroom. I successfully uploaded a channel on my Roku TV called “Daily Burn” this morning. I’ll let you know how the workouts go.


One thought on “Correction: Frozen dinners taste like loneliness and despair

  1. Haha. Of course we are in sync this week. Of course I was looking at my budget/grocery list and trying to decide if I should buy fresh foods, or just say forget it and buy a pile of lean cuisine’s. I don’t know what the perfect way is.

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