Small victories

I’m talkin’ very small, but I must write them down.

I’ve had three alcoholic beverages since the weekend.

When N and I had time to kill while waiting for his retainers to be made by the orthodontist, we went looking for something to eat. I didn’t go for the comfort food that I felt like getting. I got a Subway turkey sandwich and some water instead, which was in fact delicious. Not even a cookie, and believe me, they were talking to me!

I went to the gym today knowing I had a mishmash of stuff in my gym bag, some of which was not clean (I was right and ew). I took what clothes I could find and got 45 music-filled minutes on the spin bike.

I have learned that I should stop consuming anything by 7 or 8 pm, because I’ll definitely wake up at night not feeling well if I do eat anything late. I’m hoping this digestion problem goes away when I’m lighter, but it’s a good habit to get into anyway.

I haven’t bought anything other than diet Pepsi from the vending machine in a week because I bring no money with me to work. Yes I know: diet soda, I KNOW. But this is a pretty good victory, because that machine has become a terrible habit for me.

I have had a bar of dark chocolate this week, and I did eat a cup or so of chocolate-covered raisins the other day (and yes, I paid for it), so I haven’t been an angel. Still to do: weigh in, and start writing down foods.

I don’t know that I’ll see any movement on the scale this Sunday. But it’s Thursday so maybe there’s still hope!


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