You’re not five anymore.

When I told B that I had developed a headache after eating a slice of cake last week, he said “Your body’s trying to tell you that it’s not five anymore.” He’s absolutely right! Thanks, body!

In addition to not being able to process any ole thing I decide to put down my cakehole, I’m also learning that my stomach can’t actually hold that much quantity, despite what I’ve always believed. Saturday, after a truly delicious chicken enchilada dinner that B made, we all went to see a movie. I debated whether to get a snack. I could just, you know, watch a movie without eating. But who does that??? I’d hardly know what to do with myself if I didn’t have one.

So I had two. Or, half of two: half of a small popcorn and half of a box of Milk Duds. And sure enough, that night I woke with that sick, full feeling that I said I didn’t want anymore. It’s possible I have some kind of reflux thing going on, but since it doesn’t happen if I eat small amounts, I’m going to go with: I’m still eating too much, even if it’s not Thanksgiving amounts of food.

On Sunday I ate very little until 2:30 pm, and by then I was completely starving. I ate waaaayyyy too much and knew it. I attempted to go for a run and my body simply was not having it. That was no surprise.

Oh, and did you know that when your  are a larger person with a stomach that protrudes, clothes want to migrate UNDER that shit when you run? Which means you can’t wear just anything to go running. No, you must wear something a little snug around the waist, with some heft in the fabric. This is a lesson I keep learning over and over. I still think I’m a skinny person.

Ended the week 2 pounds down.

This week’s plan: Write down what I eat, without trying to figure out how many calories are in everything; weigh in at a “Weigh and Win” kiosk to document my starting point. (Bonus: it takes a photo every time you weigh in. I will be posting those!)


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