A pretty good day

Yesterday I didn’t do any crazy eating, and I didn’t wake up in the night with a bad feeling in my stomach. I think either my stomach takes longer to notice there’s food in it, or else I just don’t know what being full feels like until it’s much too late. (Hm…just like my brain doesn’t know I’ve had Way Too Much Alcohol until it’s too late!) I often wake up at night shocked at how full I still am from “dinner”. (Is it dinner if you ate all evening?)

So that was nice, and I’m thinking this is a great goal: to go to bed with a stomach that feels, if not empty, at least not full.

Today I had sushi for lunch with A, and ended up eating pretty sparingly. I thought I’d be starving pretty much right away, but again I was surprised to find that there was a delay in feeling full. I had a lot of water with it but didn’t feel at all deprived.

I got a short half hour on the elliptical. Not ideal, not what Previous Me would even call a workout, but I’ll take it!

Not ideal: a serving of vanilla gelato from the freezer at work today. In retrospect, I’d rather have had a beer for those calories.


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